Pain of Salvation: "Be" The concept is so meaningful as well as thought-out, the music is sophisticated and varied: with their new album "Be", Pain Of Salvation are wandering through the deepest depths of prog metal. While doing so the Swedish are reaching regions that were hardly reached before by any other band of that genre. Progressive Rock of the most sophisticated kind blends with metal and classical music as well as elements of folk and gospel. "I let the music develop a life on it's own, and I adapted myself to the general idea which I had in mind," explains mastermind Daniel Gildenl÷w. "One almost cannot describe all those aspects of the 'Be' compositions but one thing is for sure: No matter how many genres we touch upon, the songs always have the typical trademark of Pain of Salvation." A key role plays the nine piece ensemble "Orchestra Of Eternity" featuring musicians on cello, viola, violin, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, tuba and percussion. "Without them 'Be' would not work", says Gildenl÷w. "The orchestra is an indispensable part of the whole thing." The album deals with the great mystery of earthly existence. "I consider the story of "Be" as a kind of modern fairy tale about the genesis of life. It deals with mankind, with God, and our relationship with faith and science. The most important question of all questions is: How is everything connect with each other? Science gives us a few hints regarding this, however we are not able to really comprehend the whole system of life and emotions. As part of the system we cannot view it in it's wholeness from outside." "Be" has also passed the acid test long ago: Already before the studio recordings Pain of Salvation presented the work on several occasions in front of an enthusiastic audience in their home town Eskilstuna. "For three weeks we performed the music in front of local school classes twice on Mondays and Thursdays, and on weekends in front of a rock and classic audience. It seems that everybody was deeply impressed. I think, however, in order to grasp every detail of the show one would have to watch it three or four times. Pain Of Salvation has precautionary hired a camera crew to document one of their shows, so that the DVD of "Be", which is planned for release at the beginning of next year, will offer the possibility to further explore the matter. But you can already immerse yourself into the mysterious world of sound and ideas with the CD on hand here and now. Since the founding of his band Reality back in 1984, Daniel Gildenl÷w is one of the most important Swedish prog metal protagonists, and since 1991 he and his friends carry the name Pain of Salvation. In 1996 the debut album "Entropia", which was followed by "One Hour By The Concrete Lake" in 1997. Also in 1997 they played an European tour with the British band Threshold. International breakthrough came in 2002 with "Remedy Lane". Here Gildenl÷w got something off his chest while composing the songs: his traumatic experiences with his relationship. On a tour together with Dream Theater genre lovers in the whole of Europe knew at the latest that here a wind of change is blowing from Sweden. With the acoustic live album "12:5" Pain of Salvation meanwhile performed soft sounds with acoustic guitars and piano, but the calm will now be followed by the storm ... Check them out online: