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Learn Chinese
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New in v2.2
New features

export current word-list to html flashcards
ability to set a defined number of questions per quiz session (default is 20)

Build your own libraries in any language

possibility to create custom character libraries
each word-list is now specifically depending on one particular library (default main 400 characters library) and when you create a word-list, you have to select the library you want to learn from

Change the entries at your will

all entries are editable (Libraries and word-lists, not dictionary)
new dialog box to import/modify entries from dictionary to libraries and word-lists
"add new character from dictionary" button directly accessible in the library characters list

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Suitable for any situation
  • Are you a student willing to pass your Chinese exam (HSK)?
  • Do you have to assimilate basic Chinese very fast for business reasons?
  • Do you expect to travel in China and/or discover Chinese culture?

Learn Chinese 2003 will help you enhance your fluency in Chinese and follow your progression :

Beginner : Focus on the most frequent 400 characters
Intermediate : Regularly Add words to your custom word lists to follow your progress
Advanced : Find any character in the 16,000-character dictionary using the search engine

Focuses on the key factors of your success
  • A 400 characters list established by renouned teachers
  • A full pronunciation system for all Chinese characters
  • A comprehensive set of quizzes to assimilate faster
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Full Support
  • Unlimited E-mail support
  • Unlimited access to regular updates

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   Features Summary
Your personal character lists
A selection of 400 characters representing 70% of commonly used characters.
A 16,000 characters dictionary
Pinyin pronunciation for all characters

   Latest News
2nd December 2004

Learn Chinese 2003 v2.2
brings a large number of new features and additions. download it now for free !

20st September 2004

Learn Chinese 2003 v2.1 download it now for free !

8th June 2004

After extensive testing, Learn Chinese 2003 v2.0 is now fully operating and ready for download !

26th May 2004

Learn Chinese 2003 v2.0 is coming soon. A first beta is currently being tested.
Learn Chinese is now hosted on its own domain :

12th October 2003

LearnChinese 2003 v1.01
- Added "match whole word only" in Dictionary

- Enhanced documentation

30th September 2003

After a first period of intense beta testing, the final version of LearnChinese 2003 v1.0 is now available !

13th August 2003

LearnChinese 2003 is now available in its first version ! This is still a beta version but we hope you will already be able to enjoy all the features we developped to help you in your everyday chinese learning process.

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